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Torque Release


Laser Therapy

Break Free - Stop Smoking Solution



Other services we offer include:

BioFreeze, Arnica, plus a full range of professional nutritional supplements.

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Payment Information

The options for payment are either prepaid or at each visit. The forms of payment that are available are MasterCard, Visa, Cheque, Cash or Debit.

No POST-DATED cheques accepted.

Discounted Professional Fee *

Is applied where the most that is required for a patient or third party payee (e.g. Extended health benefits) is a single page, computer generated, non-diagnostic statement of account and the payment is made or as the service is rendered. Also where the patient assumes the responsibility of billing the account for their own extended health care coverage.

Full Professional Fee

Where any additional paperwork is required and our office does billing, the full fee will be charged. (i.e. Motor Vehicle Accident, Extended Health Insurance)

Forms and Notes

There will be a fee for all prescribed forms and notes. The amount varies according to complexity of note required. If you have any questions about our office or our policies, please ask any member of our health team, at any time.